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            Join Us

            L&S hopes to recruit more excellent talents in order to create a good development platform and growing space for our like-minded friends, and we hope they work with L &S in joy to contribute their own efforts to Chinese original designs. 

            Welcome to join L & S, and look forward to creating a brilliant future together with you.

            Email: recruit@ls-designemy.com

            Teaching assistant for dress design courses

            Job descriptions:

            Manage students files and their attendance information;

            Be responsible for translations of class materials and handouts of foreign designing lecturers during their deliveries in English;

            Participate in plans & organizations of student activities (Such as graduation exhibition, promotions, theme activities and so on )

            Be responsible for the instructions to students outside the classroom(Such as Exercises and homework )

            Welfare conditions:

            8 hours’ work per day and a two days off per week;

            Paid annual vacation and legal holidays;

            Insurance and housing fund, call subsidy and transportation subsidy;

            Nice afternoon tea, desserts and holiday gifts;

            Irregular internal activities like company dinner, tourism, etc.

            Job requirements:

            College Degree in relevant professions such as Dress / Interior / Industrial Design, Visual Communication Arts, Photography, New Media, Fine arts, Education, English and so on, or above.

            Be fluent in English (Training is available), oversea study experiences are preferred.

            experiences in dress design training institutes are preferred;

            Proficiency in Office software like Excel, Word and PPT, and Graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator are preferred.