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            Course introduction

            L&S’s goal is to cultivate bright and creative local designers, as well as to establish an independent modish Make-in-China brand. Based on that core value we construct our fashion design course curriculum. Designers at L&S originate from all over the world. Our designers are highly experienced in fashion design and lecturing. They possess various styles and master different techniques. We hope through propagating internationally recognized arts of design and fashion crafting techniques, L&S can be a great part of establishing the Design-from-China!

            L&S’s fashion design courses adopt practical lecturing style used by foreign institutes. We focus on small class size with 3-8 students per class. We have both local and foreign designers as lecturers. In each class our teaching assistants will provide translation support and professional guidance. All of our courses will prepare all sorts of tools and materials as complementary support for you to enjoy a carefree class experience.

            L&S emphasizes on delivering the best quality in all of our courses. We utilize an extensive evaluation system to ensure every student of our class will reach their expectation. All of our students will receive evaluation and feedback during and upon course completion. L&S will award each of our student a certification upon successfully graduate from our course. Students graduate with distinction will be awarded a valuable internship opportunity.

            In order to widen the views of our students and increase the qualities of our courses, L&S has established joint-training institutes with various designing institutes and workshops of different brands from Paris, Tokyo, and New York, etc. Come join L&S now and discover your unique experience. YOURFASHION, YOUR FUTURE!