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            L&S Introduction

            LIGHT & SHADOW


            ? The Shenzhen campus was established in 2015, the Beijing and Shanghai campuses in 2018, and the online education platform in 2019. At present, there are more than 1,000 students. 

            ? Shenzhen clothing industry association member unit; Shenzhen education and training industry association member unit; Shenzhen fashion designer association member unit. 

            ? Original intention and goal: "cultivate excellent local designers and build China's own fashion design brand" 

            Many times lead students to visit influential platforms at home and abroad, such as New York Fashion week, London Fashion week, Shenzhen Fashion week, Shanghai Fashion week and so on. 

            ? Light and Shadow Global Fashion Design Co., Ltd., founded in May 2015, is an art tutoring company that mainly provides fashion design training, personal image guidance, high-end customized clothing, overseas study collection tutoring and other services. 

            ? At present, there are campuses in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, as well as online courses. 

            "training excellent local designers and building China's own fashion design brand" is the original intention and continuous goal of Light and Shadow Global Fashion Design training course. 

            ? Light and Shadow Global brings together a group of excellent fashion designers from all over the world, who have rich fashion design experience and teaching experience, and are familiar with different styles of design concepts and production techniques in the industry. Light and Shadow Global hopes to make a contribution to the creation of "Chinese design" by spreading international design concepts and clothing production technology.